Tile Accessories

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Tile Accessories

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Advantages of high-class enamel tiles QUEEN:

  • Hard durability of tile bones: The structure of tile bones combined with bearing ribs, shaped by a large hydraulic press, fired at high temperature increases the mechanical strength of ceramic tiles many times compared to cement tiles. , permanent durability over time.
  • Color fastness of enamel tiles: the product is coated with a thick glaze and melted through a kiln line at a temperature of over 1,000oC, so its color fastness is very high, adapting to harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Tile weight: 30% lighter weight than cement tiles of the same size, reducing the load on roof structure and foundation structure.
  • Surface water absorption, mildew: none
  • Heat and sound insulation: cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Maintenance cost: low
Tile Accessories
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