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High-class enameled tile QUEEN - TRUNG DO (glazed ceramic tile)

High-class enamel tile QUEEN - TRUNG DO (glazed ceramic tile) is a new domestically produced product that first appeared in Vietnam. Products are manufactured at TRUNG DO Granite Factory, a factory specializing in the production of all kinds of TRUNGDO brand granite products.

The factory is located at: Bac Vinh Industrial Park, Vinh City, Nghe An Province.

High-class glazed tile products of QUEEN are manufactured on modern automatic equipment line SACMI of Italy, capacity: 1.50 million tablets/month.

Different from today's popular Color Tiles (Cement Tiles coated with unburnt paint) today, QUEEN's high-class enamel tiles have outstanding structures:

  • Hard, sturdy tile bone: formed by hydraulic press SACMI PH 3500 and fired on a specialized kiln line at high temperature, the tile is of the best quality, strong, resistant to cracking, Very high waterproof.
  • The surface is covered with a permanent, deep color glaze: the surface of the tile is coated with a thick, uniform glaze and the glaze is melted through a kiln line at a temperature above 1,000oC.


Advantages of QUEEN high-class enamel tile products:

Hard durability of tile bones: The structure of tile bones combined with bearing ribs, shaped by a large hydraulic press, fired at high temperature increases the mechanical strength of ceramic tiles many times compared to cement tiles. , permanent durability over time.

  • Color fastness of enamel tiles: the product is coated with a thick glaze and melted through a kiln line at a temperature of over 1,000oC, so its color fastness is very high, adapting to harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Tile weight: 30% lighter weight than cement tiles of the same size, reducing the load on roof structure and foundation structure.
  • Surface water absorption, mildew: none
  • Heat and sound insulation: cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Maintenance cost: low


Why should you choose the Queen's Luxury Enamel Tile for your home:

- Hair is human body: The roof is like a human's head, in addition to creating beautiful and attractive drawings, it also contains many decisive thoughts to life's career.

- Thousand years of prosperity:

* Permanent color fastness brings stability and prosperity to homeowners.

* With its natural beauty and traditional style, glazed tiles are especially suitable for high-class apartments and villas.

- Environmental friendliness

- Durable, easy to apply, reasonable price, color fastness, permanent mechanical strength.

- With strong ribbed tile structure, the mechanical strength is many times higher than that of cement tiles, sound insulation, good heat insulation for both summer and winter.

- The product is coated with thick enamel, penetrates deep into the bone and is melted through a kiln line at a temperature of over 1,000oC, so its color fastness is very high, adapting to harsh outdoor conditions.

- In light weight, only 2/3 of cement tile, reducing the load on roof structure, foundation structure, reducing construction and maintenance costs.



Certifying the quality of the Queen's glazed tile meets the national standard

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