Construction Instructions

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Construction Instructions

Step 1

  • Check roof slope.
  • Sesame distance test:
  • Measure the roof length (L) from the top row of sesame seeds.
  • Divide roof length “L” into equal distances: Queen Tile is 330-350 (mm), Phoenix Tile is 340-350 (mm), optimal is 345 (mm). For concrete roof, this distance can be larger but not more than 370 (mm) for Queen Tile and 360 (mm) for Phoenix Tile.
  • Sesame spacing is divided evenly from the top of the roof, the remaining excess is placed in the last one or two rows (depending on the remaining distance).


Step 2

  • Roofing from right to left, from bottom to top.
  • The first tile is placed at the right corner, 30 mm from the outer edge.
  • Fully roofing a lower row as a standard, then continue to roof.



  • It is recommended to use screws for erection (both wooden and iron brackets are used). Do not use nails for construction, it will cause damage to the tile

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